Monday, February 14, 2011

Tandoori and Weight Watchers

So, I'm really into food this month. Cooking it and then tracking how many points in Weight Watchers lingo I've consumed. WW's point system is becoming a byword in my family. Even my 4 year old grandson, Evan, makes guesses about a food's point value. " Ah, yeah.. that's six points probbly. " It's actually been quite fun to try new recipes. I was in such a rut with my meals.

If you want to know the truth of it? I was very impressed with the Julie/Julia Project and started to cook with an adventurous attitude about a year or so ago. People who know me well know that I cook basics competently. You know, a mean leg of lamb. I have never been one to go to specialty grocers for anything. Shit, I live 50 miles from the nearest specialty grocer and there is no way I will spend a precious day off going to shop for FOOD, for heaven's sake. I still feel this way - but, it's fun to replenish the old spice jars with fresh content - and I can do that in CaƱon City - and look at different ways to combine these with food.

I'm making some tandoori chicken thighs tonight. Page 184 Weight Watcher's New Cookbook. 8 points. Roasted green beans 0 points. Whole Wheat noodles 3 points. I haven't lost one single pound this week but haven't gained any, either.


  1. I'm sort of the same kind of cook as you (were). I do the basics pretty good, but am definitely in a rut for cooking. I'd have to drive 100 miles to Dallas for specialty foods. I have been trying to beef up my spices, though, when I get a chance. I was glad to finally get to visit a Penze's Spices on our fall trip to Colorado Springs. I know they ship, but I hate paying shipping.

  2. I haven't lost anything or gained anything this week either, which surprises me considering what I ate in Denver.

    I'm going to look up Tandoori chicken when I get home. Sounds good.

  3. Renna - I hate paying shipping, too. There is a new spice shop in the old town of the Springs. It smells great!

    Z - ol' buddy of mine:)