Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lasagna rolls and Rob Roy

I made a scrumptious new recipe tonight from Cooking Light - lasagna rolls with spinach, mushrooms and roasted red pepper sauce. Very nice. Actually I have been cooking a lot lately. I joined on line Weight Watchers and am enjoying making a shopping list and cooking food using some different ideas. Jerry has been liking the focus on venison - which we have quite a lot of in the freezer- it is very lean meat and flavorful. I don't really want to lose any weight but it would be nice if I could stop gaining weight, for Pete's sake.

And I drank red wine and watched Rob Roy for the umpteenth time. I love that movie, truly do. When Liam says in his gruff Scottish brogue, "Do ye know how fine ye are to me, Mary McGregor?" - well, I just melt. Who doesn't? I want to get to the loom and weave plaid, drink Scotch and have babies. Or rather, do the things that cause babies....

We are getting through the dark winter days. February is always wonderful as the sky is still rather light when I leave work, not dark like it is in November. It almost makes one think that after work walks with the doggies are just a minute or so away. Usually by the time I actually get in the door though, it IS dark. But the thought is there and very possible - and that is so uplifting to my heart.

Hoping you all are loving the dregs of winter. (BTW -were you aware that snowshoeing for a mere thirty minutes earns 5 activity points?? - that's practically a whole bar of chocolate!)


  1. I was just talking to my husband recently about the possibility of us doing weight watchers, online. He's not happy with the size of his stomach these days, and the doctor wants him to bring his cholesterol on down.

    I want/need to lose weight, and we both want to be healthier. We eat healthy 'overall', but fall off that healthy wagon a little too often. Plus, this all reminds me, I have a really nice Weight Watchers cookbook I picked up at Salvation Army for a song (in new condition!). :-)

    I saw Rob Roy back when it came out, even saw it a few times, but it's been years. You've got me hankering to see it again. I loved your making babies comment, LOL. ;-Þ

    I'm eager for longer days, too. My mood alters greatly once the view turns dark outside my windows. Have a great weekend, Suzan!

  2. Geezo Peezo, why does a tiny thing like you feel you need weight watchers? I have never seen Rob Roy - not sure I've heard of it, but now must track it down. Love you cousin.

  3. Ha! Jan, Jerry's cholesterol is creeping upwards at an alarming rate and I have to learn how to cook with less fat. Cooking Light has some great recipes and so does WW. And.....I've grown out of all my clothes so thought it best to get back in them:) I probably could just stop drinking wine. Sigh

    Hi, Renna! We're moving closer and closer to Spring - yay.