Monday, February 21, 2011

Long Weekends, Hiking, and Knitting

Sweet weekend all in all. Jessica and the grandkids came to visit Saturday and left Sunday. We had fun looking for elf doors in the "woods". At four, almost five, Evan really didn't think there was anything unusual about finding elf houses sprinkled around Grandma's farm. The matter of fact reaction surprised me a bit!

And, what a treat it is to have President's Day holiday. All day I've been grateful. A few times I caught myself thinking about work tomorrow - and promptly reminded myself to focus on the moment. We got up early and went into Canon City to do errands, came home and raked up the yard a bit, planned a few garden-y type projects. After lunch we took a hike and because Jerry was there - we ended bushwacking up the back of the property on deer trails through the scrub oak. Jerry loves a good bushwack.

I've started another knit project - the February Lady's Sweater which is a "big ass version of the February Baby's Sweater" originally patterned by the queen of knitting, Elizabeth Zimmerman. And - hey! - it's February!


  1. I'm not sure I even know what a 'bushwhack' is, but I think it sounds like fun! ;-)

    I didn't realize, or had forgotten, that you live near Canyon city. I read another blog whose author lives in Canyon City. I haven't been there in many years, since we took our (now grown) kiddos there to camp.

    May your week be short, and your evenings be long!

  2. almost March too. And I love the way it's still light out at 6.

    We did some yardwork on Saturday. It was a nice way to get an hour of exercise in. Loved it. And I got my Gurney's catalog.


  3. Renna, I think bushwhacking involves leaving the trail. A road less traveled. I told you once before that you have to come visit me one trip up north:) We'll do some bushwhacking.

    And, dear Z, isn't the twilight nice to see when we leave WC? I'm into the green at last.

  4. We're enjoying the longer evenings too this side of the ocean. It took me a while to let the winter hibernation habits go however I am ready for spring now.

    I am also enjoying your adventures in the kitchen and himself is envious of your well stocked freezer of venison :)