Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturdays and Possibilities

It's so sweet to wake up on a Saturday morning after a week of workdays. Saturday just bursts with possibilities, don't you think? Even washing the bed sheets and hanging them out has promise. There are always those sewing projects, the garden, ideas for dinner, throwing a little hike in somewhere - these are stuff of Saturdays.

This morning the clouds are roiling about and it is windy and cold. My brother Tom and his new bride are coming tonight and will stay until Sunday. Tom - at 51 - was a total bachelor until he married Deborah last Fall. I am very happy for them - they just seem so right for each other. Tom has always been kind of a loner. He loves his family but really never went out of his way to visit us for heaven's sake. What would be the point? So, here comes Deborah who hales from a huge Hispanic family and is related to everyone in Pueblo. Family is important and she is quite responsible for orchestrating several family gatherings in the six months she and Tom have been married. She is exuberant - and I just get a kick out of her for that.

Have a wonderful full of possibilities weekend, all.


  1. Sounds funny but I want to clean my bathroom today.

    And my blow dryer blew out so I need to go get another.

    And I've already cooked way off the diet today. Hashbrowns, bacon, eggs and biscuits for breakfast. :)

    Happy Day Suzan.

  2. Hi Suzan, I'm loving your enthusiasm in this post. Thanks for stopping by to check on Nipper. You are right, life is rather getting in the way of blogging. I keep meaning to write a post but just don't seem to have the space to get on with it! We finally have Nipper's diagnosis (autistic spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder and a language processing problem). Now there are a myriad of therapies to put in place and books to read, etc. Life has rather become swamped with all things 'autistic' but hopefully this will ease off as we get to grips with everything. I am managing to squeeze in a bit of knitting though - keeps me sane! How is your February Lady Sweater coming on? I love that pattern - it's in my Ravelry queue.

  3. I love what you said about Saturdays. Even though I don't now work outside the home, I still wake up on Saturday mornings with that sense of excitement of what opportunities that day may bring. There's an energy to that day that's unlike any other day of the week for me.

    It's funny how each day of the week has it's own's own personality, I guess. ;-)