Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So Much More

Well, I haven't been able to post for awhile but just changed Blogger back to the old editor. What d'ye know? It worked. Let me review the month or so that I've been idle on line.

Each item below would have made a delightful post.

  • We had a wildfire just to the west of us and were evacuated. Crazy weird. House and land okay. Lewis Creek Trail burned. Smells like a wet ashtray around here.

  • Baby chicks are now in the big girl coop.

  • I made goal weight of 132 pounds using Weightwatchers. I can have six points more every day. Whoot whoot!

  • Peas are coming up. At last.

  • Lots of lettuce, radishes, and spinach in the cold frame.

  • It's finally started to rain a bit but we're still in severe and persistent drought. Grass is green.

  • The scrub oak is leafing out.

  • I adore the lone barn kitten. I'm wooing her (because she is very skittish).

  • Lambs are playing together. Sylvia, one of the ewe mothers, made a miraculous recovery from pneumonia.

  • Jerry and I are going to "camp" in Estes Park in June. We are proud owners of a 1978 fifteen foot Wilderness camp trailer. Plaid and paneling galore.

There was so much more - fantastic dinners, trout fishing, wonderful and beautiful adult daughter report. And what about the Ready Ice truck that flipped over just at the Hwy 67 and Hwy 96 intersection? So much more!

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  1. It sounds like life's not been boring. Congratulations on reaching your weight goal!

    Hubby & I are planning a camping trip to CO later in the summer. We want to visit our daughter in the Springs, then find a campground. We love coming to CO to camp in the summer, as it's entirely too hot to camp here in Texas during the summer.