Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Bit of Rain on a Tuesday

Egads! I think it actually rained some last night!   I see little puddles of water on the porch.  This is special, for sure, because it is so dry here.  Humidity is less than 5% most of this spring.  The little grasses that did come up were withering away and our volunteer fire department has asked residents to attend their wildfire preparedness training on a weekly basis.   And - it rained some last night!   Old Virgil's mother (a pioneer in this area) used to say, "Well, it'll rain someday...."  There is hope, but it's rather sad to miss the spring wildflowers.

We've kept the sheep, donkey and horse in the corrals to save what little pasture there is.  Had to move Angel, the donkey, out of the sheep pens when she started to drag the sheep around on the ground out of sheer boredom. 

I need to get ready for work.  Egads!  Just found myself sitting and thinking. 


  1. I enjoyed the rain here too. The radio said we got .19 inches. Just beautiful. I hope we get more as time goes on this summer.

  2. Weather is such a funny one isn't it? Not enough rain in one place, too much in another, it's such a shame that we can't share weather with each other.
    Right now we are pretty lucky, a little rain falling this week, mostly in the evening and overnight which is perfect, warm days with most of them being sunny, the plants and creatures are all responding :)