Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Still in Denver. Our team finished one presentation today and have the next tomorrow. It is going well. We're expecting Mandy to give birth at any moment but she is here and so is Avery whose flight was delayed by Hurricane Tomas. Whoo-whee. My performance anxiety is subsiding.

I went for a walk outside the hotel this morning through a small neighborhood of apartment buildings. It was better than walking on the treadmill in the exercise room. There are so many lights and cars - one forgets that a city is a mass of humanity and technology. We went to the "Super Target" to see if someone in the pharmacy could get Mandy's blood pressure (she's having some problems with hypertension in this last week of pregnancy) and when it was found to be acceptable we wandered around gaga-eyed about the sheer magnitude of merchandise to be purchased. When you live rural this is a treat, let me tell you.

I'm going to take a bath and read Eudora Welty short stories which I am very much enjoying.


  1. I love the way you live on the edge, facy one of your co workers due any day....
    So glad you found my blog again and dropped by to say hello,

  2. I live in a small town with a population of about 25,000. Though we are only a couple hours drive from Dallas, we only get over there a few times a year (dr's appointments, going to the airport, etc.). Over Thanksgiving this year, we visited my daughter in Colorado Springs (she just moved there from England).I was on sensory overload everytime we left the house. Ther were SO MANY places to shop and to eat. I'd never want to live in the city, but it sure was fun visiting!