Sunday, November 14, 2010

Short Days of Winter

I'm a bit sad that the long days are gone for the year. Everything is dark when I leave work for the day. The cold is fine - it's just the short days that are difficult. I am looking forward to doing more sewing, however. There are all these dreams of being productive and making things again. Just as long as I stay away from my after work wine libation. What a lush I can be....jeesch.

Well, anyway. Ater several years of looking around I found my dream sewing machine and bought it for my birthday. She's about 40 years old already and as sleek as an Italian sports car. The Necchi Silvia Maximatic. Whooo-whee!
She's beautiful, right? Her straight stitch sister, the Mirella, is the only sewing machine that has a place in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Last night I tried her out for the first time. The tension was off and the mechination is just that much different from my other machines that it took some time to adjust. But now the stitches are beautiful and she hums in a very well made manner.

I'm going to finish this wall hanging with my new Necchi. Tilly from England gifted me with these charm squares of Arcadia by Moda last year. I started a wall hanging and, of course, didn't complete it. Now that the days are short I just might get it done.


  1. Oh my gosh that Necchi is gorgeous !!!! I have some Arcadia that I'm hording. I just won some too, so I can finally make a quilt with some. I love the oranges and the dragonflies.

  2. I know nothing about sewing and certainly not about sewing machines, but this machine is very stylish! I actually do have a machine...wonder if I can learn...hmmmm. C

  3. Congrats on the Italian mechanical beauty! I don't know much about sewing machines as I mainly hand-sew these days, although my mum did teach me some years (30) ago how to use her machine.

    However I do have great plans for a sewing machine in our new house and I may need to pick your brains as I struggle with curtains and covers etc - what bliss!