Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Peaceful Time of Year

Aaaaahhhhh. Christmas is over. Ours was quite nice and every year I seem to have more gratitude for my family and friends - and my life. We were kind of easy going about Christmas this year. Got a permit for a tree and found one in the National Forest up Beulah way. It was a beautiful day in a way that only Colorado can be.

Got that puppy home, put lights on her....and only hung about ten ornaments (my favorites, of course). I just ran out of enthusiasm - and the tree was rather pretty without the decorations anyway. I didn't send cards - although Jerry sent some to his side of the family. He picked them out and they were kind of extreme Western. A bit too extreme for a Detroit girl. Cowboys decorating tumbleweeds and that sort of thing.

I did make some torrone and it was delicious this year. I ate a lot of it. Didn't finish the gifts I had chosen to make, either. That was okay, too. When I think of all the things I didn't do this year, it's quite incredible to say that this Christmas seemed so very right.

Have a wonderful New Year! Love to you.


  1. Suzan, I lost you...well, your blog, anyway. I knew you'd begun blogging again, but I guess I failed to add your new address to my reader. It occurred to me today that I never read another of your posts after you re-entry, and wondered if just 'maybe' you had a different address now. I googled you, and sure enough you do! I'm so happy to have found you again. :-)

  2. This is a wonderful Christmas present Susan to find that you are blogging again. I have missed you. Welcome back.

  3. Sandra and Renna! Thank you both for coming by:) Feel like old friends, indeed.