Friday, October 22, 2010

End of the Week Delight

Oh my gosh, it's Friday. How wonderful is that? My man is hunting the bull elk and will be gone for..... well, I don't really know how long he'll be gone. Until he gets tired of his buddy, David, I guess. I used to get jealous of hunting season (he spends more time hunting then we've ever had on a vacation) but now I enjoy having the house to myself. I cook something with lots of vegetables (he is not a fan of "green food"), take a bath, talk on the phone to girlfriends. It's fun until I start to miss him.

The good news is that our new pound puppy, Felicia, is settling in well. She chewed up the wicker loveseat that is on the back deck (the next stage after chewing up the cushions) but is trying real hard to relate to Miss May, our cat (who has returned, yay!). Felicia also took all our mudboots out through the doggie door and I had to spend some time finding them all in the yard when I did chores tonight.

I'm going out east to Lamar tomorrow to visit my baby daughter, Madeline. She's working at a feedlot and the long hours are making an impression on her. There's a great little antique store in town that is fun. I found a small Descoware dutch oven there last visit which I use with delight when mixing up cooked vanilla pudding. It will not stick to the bottom of that pan.


  1. So good to see you back have caught up on your new blog, so pleased your keeping your lovely house I love seeing pics of it....

  2. Hey Suzan! You're back! Lovely to see you again. I stopped following when you shut down your previous blog and didn't realise that you had started up again. Thanks for popping by to see me. We are all doing ok. We recently found out that Nipper is on the autistic spectrum and so we have a journey ahead of us with that. He has just started at school. (I have another blog about this at I can't remember when you shut down your blog so don't know if you knew that we had another baby on the way. He is now 16 months old and is 'Tiddler' on the blog. He's a lovely little chap. Hope you have a lovely time visiting with your daughter this weekend!

  3. Tilly!!! I've been over to your new blog. It is a testimony to determination.

    Mandy!!! - Where is your blog now. Can't get on it.